Becoming a member of Women’s Network is easy!

1. Fill out the membership form

Fill out the online form below | OR | Download and fill out the pdf membership form

2. Mail the filled form and annual membership due of $20 to:

Women’s Network

P.O. Box 417

Bartlesville, OK 74005

If you wish to make a donation to Bartlesville Women’s Network, you can include the donation amount with the membership payment.

Our $20 dues are used to support Women’s Network programs, scholarships, donations, etc. Our club has been able to serve the community thanks to the membership payments and generous donations from people like you.

(If you would like to see PayPal option, please let Franny know. Because of the potential cost and extra work involved to set it up, it probably would be meaningful only if there is a large demand.)

Learn more about us here.