Women’s Network? Huh?

Here’s an open invitation to join an original and celebrated group of curiously strong local women who may be:activistor pacifistbut rarely passive-ist!

Whatever. Political shades are legion, but we’re often in League.

We’re the ones who publish Taproots.
We present the History-Maker of the Year award.
And we sponsor a community celebration of national Women’s History Month.

Seniors, Gen-Xers, stretching middles, wed or single? We mingle. Happily.
And we get a lot done.

Pro-choice or not — Different eras, ERA — the past, the tomorrows, the tasks for today
Shareware, childcare, silverware, business wear
Mommies and scholars and artists and such . . . we’re definitely
d-d-d-d-different or diverse or something !

We have phoners but no phonies
And some who like ponies — or dote on dark horses.

For over twenty years, we’ve been doing our thing.

Whether depraved feminazi and/or devoted granny, we shake our collective fanny and get things done to improve the status of women. Please note our fairly conventional programs: We have tea parties, yes, and lectures on fashion — including, of course, corsets — and we publish books and scrutinize the dark roots of romance novels and put on plays and mentor mothers and march in parades and have potlucks and sponsor all kinds of things like art exhibits and school programs and a reading group to explore women’s literature . . . We meet monthly and . . .we invite you to¬†join our network!

It will cost you $20 and only occasionally your peace of mind. Click here to join today!

We also have a Facebook page for the public and a member-only Facebook page.

Reach us at contact@bartlesvillewomensnetwork.org